Capitalism in Global History Virtual Workshops

Received from Dr. Peter Hill (Northumbria University)


A series of online workshops are being held alongside the publication of the Past & Present virtual issue “Capitalism in Global History”, edited by Dr. Andrew David Edwards, Dr. Peter Hill, and Dr. Juan Neves-Sarriegui, and associated blog posts. The worshops are jointly organised by researchers situated at the University of Oxford and Northumbria University who are involved with the Global History of Capitalism Project (Oxford) and the North East Transnational and World History Research Centre (NETWoRC)

Workshop Schedule

Tuesday 10th November – Prof. Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University): Capitalism in Global History, editors’ introduction by Dr. Andrew David Edwards, Dr. Peter Hill, and Dr. Juan Neves-Sarriegui


Thursday 26 November – Prof. Maxine Berg (University of Warwick): Capitalism in Global History, articles from the virtual issue and elsewhere


Tuesday 8 December – Prof. Joanna Innes (University of Oxford): Political Economy and Culture in Global History, series of blog posts


Readings and links to join will be precirculated in advance of each meeting. There are limited spaces available: to register interest please email Peter Hill,

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