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Reflecting on the ‘Anarchism in the Iberian Peninsula’ PGR/ECR symposium

by Joshua Newmark and Sophie Turbutt (University of Leeds) This symposium, kindly sponsored by both the Past & Present Society and the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (Arts & Humanities Research Council), began as a relatively straightforward suggestion from our PhD supervisor, Professor Richard Cleminson, to put together a few papers or workshops around the topic of anarchism in Spain. This topic is something of a minor specialisation within the University of Leeds, where members of both the School of History and the School of Languages, Cultures, and Societies have maintained a small ‘Iberian Anarchism Research Group’ within the Centre for the History of Ibero-America. We decided not only to go for a more ambitious full-day conference, but also to truly engage with the ‘Iberian’ aspect and involve people working on Portugal, despite both of us focusing on Spain in our own research. Professor Pamela Beth Radcliff (University of California San Diego) very kindly agreed to be our keynote speaker, meaning we had the participation of one of the world’s foremost historians of modern Spain for what had been envisaged as a small gathering of postgraduate students. We also wanted a hybrid event, so as to combine […]