Britian in the 1990s Collated Event Reports

by the Past & Present editorial team

Past & Present sponsored the creation of six blog posts by postgraduate students, which documented and critically engaged with the Past & Present supported workshop series hosted by Dr. David Geiringer (QMUL) and Dr. Helen McCarthy (Cambridge) under the title ‘Rethinking Britain in the 1990s: Towards a new research agenda’. The series ran between January and March 2021, bringing together contemporary historians from a range of career stages to map existing work and stimulate new thinking on a decade which, from the perspective of our present times, looks very unfamiliar indeed.

Blog Posts

When Was the Nineties? by Matt Beebee (University of Exeter)

The Political Narratives of Britian in the Nineties by Alfie Steer (Hertford College, Oxford) 

Cultural Narratives of the Nineties by Jessica White (University of Manchester)

Global Narratives of Britian in the Nineties by Christopher Day (University of Westminster)

Digital Narratives of the Nineties by David Dahlborn (St. John’s College, Cambridge)

What is the Archive of the Nineties by Amy Gower (University of Reading)

The blogs above are presented in chronological order from the earliest event, to the latest in the series.

Past & Present was pleased to support these events and supports other events like it. Applications for event funding are welcomed from scholars working in the field of historical studies at all stages in their careers.

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