Looking Back at “The Anglo-German Doctoral Seminar in Early Modern Religious History”

by the Past & Present editorial team


Programme in Full

Monday 3rd September

12.30 -1.15: Lunch

1.15 Welcome and Introduction

1.30 – 3.15 Chair: Matthias Pohlig

1. Sarah Rindlisbacher, ‘Ambassadors of Protestantism: Swiss Reformed Clergymen and their Influence on Foreign Relations with England in the 1650s’

2. Thomas Grunewald, ‘Pietism and nobility – the reinterpretation of the representative architecture of Wernigerode’

Comment: Sam Fornecker & Sarah Stefanic

3.15 – 3.45: Tea and Coffee

3.45 – 5.30 Chair: Markus Wriedt

1. Nora Epstein, ‘Illustrating Authority: The Creation and Reception of an English Protestant Iconography’

2. Christina Faraday, “[T]he livelier the counterfeit is, the greater error is engendered’?: Re-assessing ‘liveliness’ in Post-Reformation English visual culture’

Comment: Esther Counsell & Eleanor Barnet

Tuesday 4th September

9.15 – 11.00 Chair: Bridget Heal

1. Abdulaziz Al-Salem, Martin Luther (1483-1546) and Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb (1703-1792): A Comparative Study through Cultural Materialism

2. Wiebke Voigt, ‘The ‘New Papacy’ vs. the ‘Heavenly Prophets’: Invectivity in the Controversial Pamphlets of Martin Luther and Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt’

Comment: Martin Christ & Thomas Grunewald

11.00 – 11.30: Tea and Coffee

11.30 – 1.15 Chair: Alex Walsham

Howard Barlow, ‘Bunbury was not Banbury: Catholic-Protestant relations in pre-Civil War Cheshire, 1590-1641’

Esther Counsell, ‘Robert Beale and the Erastian Opposition to Archbishop Whitgift’s Subscription Campaign, 1583–5’

Comment: William White & Nora Epstein

1.15 – 2.15: Lunch

2.15 – 4.00 Chair: Thomas Kaufmann

1. Sarah Stefanic, ‘Visual Communication in South German Nunneries’

2. Martin Christ, ‘Syncretism in the European Reformation: The Case of Early Modern Upper Lusatia’

Comment: Emily Vine & Wiebke Voigt

Dinner – details tbc

Wednesday 5th September

9.15 – 11.00 Chair: Michael Schaich

Sam Fornecker, ‘‘The Strictest Athanasians’: The Trinitarian Theology of Daniel Waterland in Context’

William White, ‘‘To Persuade Loyalty’: Preaching, Royalism, and Episcopalian ‘Conformity’ in Interregnum England’

Comment: Sarah Rindlisbacher & Howard Barlow

11.00 – 11.30: Tea and Coffee

11.30 – 1.15 Chair: Jonathan Willis

1. Eleanor Barnett, ‘Holy Food and the Church in Reformation England and Italy, c. 1560 – c. 1640’

2. Emily Vine, ‘Domestic baptism and circumcision in seventeenth and eighteenth-century London’

Comment: Christina Faraday & Abdulaziz Al-Salem

1.15 Lunch

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