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What to Consider When Proposing a Past & Present Supplementary Issue

In addition to publishing four issues annually, every year the Past & Present Society publishes a special thematic supplementary issue. Prof. Alice Rio Past & Present’s Publications Editor has written a guide for potential supplementary issue editors setting out what the journal expects and looks for in supplement proposals and that that guest editors and their contributors can expect to go through when producing one. It is present below as part of an ad-hoc series of blogs that members of the Past & Present editorial community have produced in recent years exploring academic editorial work in general, and requirements of submitting to Past & Present in particular.      by Prof. Alice Rio (King’s College London, Past & Present Publications Editor) Past & Present Supplements: a guide for guest editors The ambition for Past & Present supplements is that they: -Make a significant intervention in an important field of historical study: that is, for them to be useful to think with for a wide variety of different historians in different fields (as is intended for the journal). -Have a coherent agenda, conceptual framework and set of questions, pursued consistently across all contributions: though the conclusions of individual contributors do not necessarily […]